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Ideas and insights to help you on the journey of developing the performance of your company, your team, and your leadership abilities.

Dave Gammon Leadership Coach


A series of truthful memos for your and your team.

Memo 12 - Micro Management
Memo Series

Memo 013 – Commitment

Commitment has a power that gets underused in management, especially when it comes to delegation.
When you make a commitment and don’t deliver on it, you feel it!

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Latest Blog Updates

Business Simple E-Book by Dave Gammon

Business Is Simple

Business is simple. It is only when you add people that it becomes complicated. I wasn’t aware of that for a long time because I was

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Hitting Deadlines

Sometimes deadlines slow things down. Perhaps we could get things done much quicker if we just got on and did it.

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Decision Making

When it comes to making commercial decisions, there is generally no such thing as a correct decision. That’s because every business decision typically requires trade-offs…

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Commercial Awareness

So what is commercial awareness? It’s the ability to be able to elevate your thinking, to be able to think in terms of the entire company…

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