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21st November


A one-day Training Session with Dave Gammon

Imagine if a massive pile of your people challenges disappeared?

What would it mean for the results in your business, your time and focus, and that of your Leadership team?

Geological Society, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London W1J 0BG

Tuesday 21st November

From £150 + VAT

Most businesses have huge latent potential available if they can deal with the level of commitment, engagement and performance of their people. It may be the fastest and most effective return on investment available.

In this transformational session, you’ll learn how to start this journey. We’ll explore how to improve engagement and performance by

Getting People On Board

Learn how to transform the performance and attitude of the people you want to be part of the company journey.

Discover INdividual Meaning

Learn why it is so important to work with employees to find meaning in their positions by recognising them as unique and sovereign individuals.

Improve & Leverage Alignment

Improve the level of alignment your team feels with the business’s goals and customers’ needs so that they feel energised to drive forward positively.

Encourage Delegation

Discover how to delegate effectively and create a management framework that enables your team to actually motivate themselves without your input.

Performance Management

Manage performance and deal with poor activity levels, approaches and attitudes, setting explicit boundaries of authority.

So, how do you move forward and get more for less from the effort and energy you and your team are putting into the company? Sign up now for this one-day transformational event.

Why You Need This Day

Inspiring performance from your Leaders, your team (and yourself) can seem like a never-ending game of whack-a-mole. At any moment in time, you are navigating a complex and largely subjective challenge of maintaining harmony in an ever changing workplace.

Of course, let’s not forget the small matter of running a commercial enterprise during complex market conditions, changing customer demands and margin pressures.

William Buckland Room

First and foremost, we need to accept this for what it is… one of the defining leadership challenges of this era.

Then, we can adapt our approach to lead and manage in powerful new ways.

We have been looking at the relationship between well-being, engagement and performance as linear, where Well-being = Engagement = Performance.

In fact, the reverse is more accurate: Performance = Engagement = Well-being.

In this one-day training session and the impressive Williams F1 Conferenece Centre, you will learn how to finally crack the performance and engagement code in ways that produce high-quality results AND give everyone a heightened experience of work as a valued part of their life.

Isn’t it time you seized back control of your company, your life and the lives of your team?


If you run, own or lead a company or a division of one, you will get huge value from this session. You want to explore how to move forward faster by exploring how you and your team show up as Leaders.

Perhaps you are considering investing in Leadership Development or Business coaching and want to explore how this approach is different from what else you have seen or experienced.

My clients attend these sessions to recap, network and gain valuable new insights, as well as to hang out with each other. Everyone else in the room for the first time will be just like you, trying to solve the commercial leadership jigsaw, open-minded to what they might get from the event and maybe even a touch nervous (quite normal in novel environments). an open mind, a willingness to see what might be here for them.
Of course, if it will help them and you. We will be discussing relatively high-level strategic ideas, so for this particular workshop, you should bring colleagues who you have typically these types of discussions with (or who you really want to be able to have them with).
This is a training event, not an elongated sales pitch. You’re not attending to be told a load of stuff you supposedly don’t know by someone who will save you with their magic beans. You are coming along to experience a profound shift in how you see yourself, your team and your company. My goal is for you to leave better than you came in, whether you take things further with me or not.
I always look for unique and interesting places to run my events. There will be time built into the schedule for you to meet and talk with other participants and explore the museum (while I take a nap)
You will leave a different person to the one who came in. You’ll experience clarity, confidence, curiosity, creativity, commitment and new capabilities and connections. Oh… and a workbook!

Ticket only – This is good if you really don’t know me very well and are just trying to gain a sense of what I do and the value of the ideas I talk to

Ticket + 1-1 session – If you have been following me for a while, we have spoken, or you are just the kind of person who likes to get to a quick decision based on a full experience of engaging with me. This isn’t just a casual follow-up conversation. It is a planned, highly focussed conversation as to whether you could stomach working with me or not.

Tickets 3 + Half Day Workshop – As above but with an option to deliver whatever training, facilitation or coaching would be most helpful to you and/or your team.


Geological Society,
Burlington House, Piccadilly,
London W1J 0BG


Tuesday 21st November


£150+VAT (up to three per company)

Ticket PLUS a two-hour intensive coaching session with Dave – £350+VAT

Three event tickets PLUS a half-day in-house follow-on workshop in your business – £1,000+VAT


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