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Business Is Simple - People Make It Complicated!


With a corporate audit background, I work with ambitious SMEs to uncover ways of measurably improving personal and business performance.

Dave Gammon Leadership Coach
Dave Gammon Business Coach

My name is Dave Gammon and after 20 years in the corporate world, auditing all aspects of a company under detailed commercial scrutiny I decided to move into the SME market.

That was in 2004, and since then I’ve worked with growing SMEs (from £2-120m turnover) across a wide range of markets and sectors.

Breaking it down to the core offering, I help business owners and management teams to fulfil their potential. Usually this starts with a specific issue, which when picked at uncovers a wealth of opportunity through improvement and optimisation.

During my time in the corporate world I saw the best and worst of processes and culture. Combining that experience with the work I have done with a number of successful small businesses since 2004, I am in a position to deliver those best practices while avoiding toxic elements that do more harm than good.

As one client said, I’m good at cutting through the BS.


high performance for business owners


Business is simple. People make it complicated. Figure out how the company creates value in the market and then focus on that.

Clean Action

Get to the destination by the most direct means possible. Deal with what shows up without procrastination, distraction or dithering.
Clean Action for business coaching


Understanding yourself honestly and profoundly allows you to lead with confidence, resilience and influence. Leadership is not a set of skills to be taught. It’s a way of showing up.

Calibration for business coaching


Relationships in business are everything. Always seek to collaborate, influence and inspire others by aligning mutual outcomes.
Connection for business performance

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Business Is Simple – People Make It Complicated!

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Thirteen years working with Small and Medium-sized businesses ranging from £2-120m turnover across a wide range of markets and sectors.
“I get to know my clients deeply. I see their strengths and understand their challenges. I have the skills to get my clients to see this for themselves and move past whatever is blocking progress.”
Advanced coaching and transformational capabilities developed throughout my career and finely honed by heavy investment in my own abilities and skills.
“I have the tool kit and the temperament to transform how you and your team engage with your business to effortlessly produce results.”
A career leading all types of organisations from small professional teams, complex cross-functional programs and operations.
“I know how to deal with complexity and the challenge of leading people through changing times while enabling them to access high performance.”
Twenty years in Corporate Audit scrutinising putting all aspects of a company under detailed commercial scrutiny.
“I’ve debated with and challenged the brightest and best in all commercial disciplines from warehouse operators to CEO’s. Whatever the opportunity or the challenge you are facing, I’ve seen it before.”



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