Leadership and Commercial development for established Small and Medium-sized companies

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Getting to the point where you can call your company ‘established’ doesn’t mean it becomes plain sailing for the Leadership team.

Owning or Leading a company is supposed to be challenging, exciting, and fun, yet the experience of frustration, overwhelm and even boredom, are common.

But what if you could think and ‘show up’ differently, effortlessly adapting to what is happening around you? That is what we at Sixth Sense Business do for you.

Leveraged Leader

Giving SME leaders confidence, resilience and capability

Business Breakthrough

Fast track, commercial transformation for established SME’s

What People Say

Dave Gammon has vast experience across a range of industries, his enthusiasm is limitless, and he talks plain common sense. Within a very short time, we formulated and implemented a plan to share the load and free me up. Initial results for the business and staff have been impressive, and I am much happier.

Peter Nisbet

Managing Director

Windwave Ltd

Progress and motivation come from a combination of commercial judgement, compelling action and good fortune.

When you and your team are confident in your ability to figure out the right actions, resilient enough to deal with obstacles, and able to inspire and influence yourself and others, all outcomes become possible.

The people I work with become able to think clearly, act decisively, influence, inspire and collaborate with others to get results.

They show up with confidence, resilience and commitment, whatever is happening around them.

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