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Dave Gammon Leadership Coach


I work with business owners and their management teams to develop leadership capabilities that push commercial results.

Does your business seem stuck? Do you feel frustrated by the lack of momentum and the constant feeling that the hamster wheel is spinning out of control? Maybe, you just want to demonstrate the kind of leadership you know you have inside of you, one that your team deserves – one that you deserve.

I work with business owners who need help to objectively identify issues and opportunities with the way their management functions.

My name is Dave Gammon and after 20 years in the corporate world, auditing all aspects of a company under detailed commercial scrutiny, I decided to move into the SME market.

That was in 2004, and since then I’ve worked with SMEs (from £2-120m turnover) across a wide range of markets and sectors, helping them to deliver better results – both personally and commercially.

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Our next event is a one-day workshop that will give you FOUR clear actions to put the excitement back into your business and help you get unstuck so that you can move the company forward… fast!

Tylney Hall, Rotherwick, Hook RG27 9AZ 

Wednesday 24th July 2024

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We jump straight in and quickly figure out what you really want to create, as well as what the company is and isn’t delivering right now.

Some of these questions are going to be difficult to answer and my job is to take you to those places you don’t wanna look, in the spirit of helping you create breakthroughs.


By auditing your company, we’ll learn where the opportunities (big and small) are and what challenges we need to resolve to unblock progress.

You’ll fall in love with what you do all over again as you look at things from a fresh, higher-level perspective. We’ll uncover the critical actions and shifts that will create the fastest transformation.


We’ll create a plan to move forward. Not one that will end up gathering dust, but a plan that contains some pinpoint critical actions that will inspire and motivate you and your team to push forward.
You’ll feel fully confident and resilient enough to deal with whatever is thrown at you.

My goal is to enable you to step into your leadership role fully and deliver every ounce of the potential you and your company have.

As much as I’d like to work with everyone, this experience is not for all. But, I offer two taster sessions to help you see if we connect.


We’ve helped businesses across the South East of England in a range of sectors. Here are just some of them.
precision acoustics
vale furnishers
Premier CX
cygnus instruments
led specialist


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