Sixth Sense Business Coaching
Business Is Simple - People Make It Complicated!


We don't do prescriptive tools or programmes. You are a unique individual and operate in a unique set of circumstances. Our bespoke offering is designed to help small business owners and their teams perform, deliver, and grow.

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We work with small business owners who know they could do more and want to challenge themselves to deliver. They may just need a nudge, someone to bounce ideas against. They may be looking to do some serious soul searching to discover what they really want. They may just need someone to call them out on their own BS.

We’re not afraid to do that because our clients are looking for something different to what they are currently getting – from their business, their team, and themselves.

Nine times out of ten, their business is their baby. We understand that passion. So, we’re not here to put you on a permanent scripted programme that serves no one. We’re here to challenge you, support you and your team, and help deliver the outcomes you know are available.


We don’t work with clients on a long-term retained basis – just until they have everything they need to get on and do what needs to be done.

Most of my clients end up working with me for many years, with breaks in between.

My approach is different for each person but will always involve around two days off-site (this is important) working together one-on-one. I will also visit your business and meet your team to understand the context in which you operate.

This is followed up by monthly online update and problem resolution sessions, and a further half day together at the end of the execution phase.




During our work together, we’ll be getting you to track your results and reflect closely on your experiences. And we will test you.

On your part, you’ll notice quite quickly how you are progressing and changing.

Our goal is simply to create new possibilities for you and your business and remove those things that are in the way of you achieving them now.


We’ve helped businesses across the South East of England in a range of sectors. Here are just some of them.
precision acoustics
vale furnishers
Premier CX
cygnus instruments
led specialist


What Next?

If you are serious about moving forward, the next step is to have an informal chat to see if there is a fit.

This video chat discovery session is free. We’ll dive into the results and experiences you are trying to create and map out how we will get you there.

At the end of this session, you will be much clearer about what you need to do to deliver fully on your potential.

If we get on well and both agree it’s a good idea to move forward, you can sign up for a block, and we’ll start making changes straight away.


If you’d like to start a conversation, why not get in touch?