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Business Is Simple - People Make It Complicated!


Two easy ways to start the ball rolling.

Dave Gammon Leadership Coach
Dave Gammon Business Coach

I like to make it easy for people to engage with me.

I know that you don’t want a thinly disguised sales pitch; you need a direct demonstration of what I do and how powerful it could be in creating the kind of commercial outcomes and experiences you want within your business – a way to establish how working with me could quickly drive change.

So, I have devised two simple (but powerful) sessions for you to find out what you need to know through experience.

1. The meaningful conversation

A two-hour session for just £300 + VAT.

A great option to explore and fix whatever you want (we’ll establish that in a pre-call once you have booked a session). 

Once we have scoped a tangible outcome, we’ll organise our face-to-face session.

After the session, I’ll send you a short summary of what we discussed, an action plan and details of how you can access more of the same

If you are genuinely ready to explore how you might do things differently, this will be one of the most potent conversations about your company that you will have had, ever.


2. The HaLf-Day Workshop conversation

An immersive half-day in your business for just £750 + VAT.

You can use this time for yourself or for the team. We can look at a variety of things but you may want to:

Of course, I will not just be rocking up and blagging it. We’ll do some preparation work to ensure the time I spend with you is powerful and transformative and if nothing else, you have an experience that delivers immediate value to you and your team.

After the event, we’ll have a debrief review, create an action plan, and I’ll explain details of how you can access more of the same.

Just think how much value a session like this could add to your business performance alone!



If you’d like to start a conversation, why not get in touch for an initial chat?

What kind of session are you interested in?