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Memo 005 – The Honest Box – Leadership self-assessment

Memo 005 – The Honest Box – Leadership self-assessment

David A Gammon, Sixth Sense

Thursday 19th January 2023


In 2020 I conducted some research among 20 Owners / MDs. I asked them what they would most like to improve about the performance of the people in their Management and Leadership teams.

Their comments evolved into statements that can be helpful self-assessment tools for anyone in a Leadership position in a small business. It can help you identify where to put focus to achieve considerable breakthroughs in your performance in your role and give you a much-heightened experience of being a Leader.


To get the most from this assessment, you must be brutally honest with yourself. This can be uncomfortable to discuss with others until you and I have had a conversation. Therefore, I  do not recommend you directly share this assessment with anyone until then.

  1. Read each statement
  2. Score yourself on a scale of 1-5 on how you believe the statement applies to you (enter the score in the ‘Me’ column)
    1. = Never / No, a real blind spot
    2. = Rarely / Not really
    3. = Sometimes / Somewhat
    4. = Often /  Yes, this is me
    5. = All the Time / Yes, a real strength of mine
  3. Now complete the rating again but score from your perspective of how others see you.
  4. Note any thoughts about the statement, how it applies to you and how your perspective differs from how you think others see you.
The questions are below, or you can download the worksheet at the bottom of the page.

Self Assessment Questions

  1. I know myself well and understand my strengths and blind spots
  2. When I am asked to do something, I seek clarity until I am clear, and then go and do it
  3. I don’t procrastinate or defer things because they might be difficult
  4. I find motivating myself to do anything pretty easy
  5. I have a high degree of self-confidence that I can take on anything
  6. I find bouncing back from failure or disappointment easy
  7. I am effective at delegating tasks and projects to members of my team
  8. I find implementing changes to working practices easy within my team
  9. When I delegate, people do what I ask in the way I want it done
  10. I consistently achieve deadlines for things I am asked to do
  11. I understand and work well with all of my peers
  12. I am confident in giving performance feedback even when it is critical
  13. I take ownership and responsibility for my efforts and results, whether good or bad
  14. I always speak up in meetings when I have something relevant or important to contribute
  15. I understand all of the other functions in the business and the interdependencies involved
  16. I feel confident about my leadership and business acumen
  17. I consider decisions carefully and make them confidently
  18. I am open and transparent and feel like I am genuinely being myself in my role
  19. I can influence the perspectives of others without confrontation
  20. My team respect and trust me to do what is right for the company
  21. I have a positive and open relationship with my boss(es)
  22. I have a reputation for delivering and getting things done
  23. When problems happen, I can be relied on to fix them and stop them from happening again.
  24. When making decisions, I consider the entire company’s perspective
  25. I can prioritise effectively and make good choices about what is important to do
  26. I communicate effectively and don’t feel like I haven’t been heard or am not getting my point across

When you have completed this assessment, email me at, and we can organise a conversation about the results and what they mean for how you can move forward.

Dave Gammon Leadership Coach
The Honest Box – Leadership self-assessment


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