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You don’t ‘need’ a coach

You don’t ‘need’ a coach

I’ve been reading a bunch more bullshit on LinkedIn about everyone needing a coach. That statement is wrong because of one word……need.

There is a big distinction between ‘needing’ a coach and ‘wanting’ a coach.

Aha, I hear, “every elite sporting athlete has a coach”. Sorry but that metaphor just doesn’t transfer into business.

Sport is a very closed, fixed environment. Business is more complex, variable, uncertain and ambiguous than that.

Coaching may well not be the answer for what you’re trying to achieve.

There’s also a danger in ‘needing’ a coach. If you need someone to motivate you, inspire you, give you ideas and hold you to account for doing the things that are going to move you forward…

…that something that you need to look at inside of you, rather than something you need someone outside to do. What happens the day they don’t show up?

What do you do then It’s a huge burden on you and me. It’s a burden on you because it puts you under pressure to have to work with somebody like me.

It’s a burden on me because I had now had the load of being responsible for motivating and inspiring you.

If you had the ability to access your peak state when required you would clearly see the opportunities or threats and be able to create powerful, meaningful responses to those…

You wouldn’t need anyone to motivate or inspire or brainstorm with.

You’d be able to deal with anything. That’s what my leverage leadership and business breakthrough programs are about.

They’re not about you outsourcing your motivation and inspiration to me.

They’re about the transformation in you that enables you to show in the most powerful and authentic way you possibly can. 

That’s a place from which you don’t need somebody else to motivate and fire you up.

Then becomes a matter of if you WANT to work with me rather than NEED to work with me. Surely that’s a far better space for both of us to operate from.

I always come back to the stick in the river.

If you’re a stick in a river and you’re in the centre of the current and moving in the direction you want to move, you don’t need any help.

You only need help when you get tangled in the reeds. Then what you need is someone to point you back into the flow and away you go again.

That’s the kind of work I enjoy doing.


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