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The Commercial Domino

The Commercial Domino

An invitation to explore the ONE thing holding you and your company back.

In the twelve years I’ve been doing this work, I’ve seen and helped solve pretty much every flavour of commercial and leadership challenge there is. 

I get involved when the owner/leadership team sense that more needs to come from their company, that there is somewhere they want to be that they are not getting to.

In other words, they are STUCK. Being stuck can come in a range of sensations like boredom, curiosity, frustration or that sixth sense that something isn’t quite right.

I adopt two approaches to liberate you and your company from stuck-ness.

They remind me of the old metaphor: “Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and feed him for a lifetime.”

  1. I work with you to create a Commercial transformation blueprint that provides a roadmap towards the results and outcomes you want (giving you a fish, albeit a massive one).
  2. Developing your own and your management team’s commercial thinking and leadership capabilities (teaching you how to fish in new and exciting ways).

My goal in both approaches is to find the first domino, the combination of action, ideas, behaviours, and inspiration that puts the fire back in the belly of the company or the individual.

The context of every company and every individual leader is unique, which means that the domino is also unique.

There are three broad types of domino that can create transformation and new momentum.

Commercial Insight – Just having someone ask some of the less obvious questions (remember, I was an Internal Auditor for many years) about your business, particularly someone that won’t accept your guesses as answers, can result in huge breakthroughs. 

The first conversation I had with one client, in which I innocently asked about the end of contract churn rates, triggered a huge strategic shift that ultimately added millions to the company. It’s not always that easy, but the structure I use to ‘audit’ your company will always unlock huge latent potential.

Personal Insight – Powerful insights come from observing the inaccuracies and fragility of your thinking. When you see past your current perspectives (about yourself, your company and your market), you open up new possibilities, many of which you were previously blind to. Some of my clients have made huge decisions, from significant acquisitions to getting rid of poisonous employees, as a result of adjusting their perspective of reality and what is actually possible for them.

Action Insight – Action insights come when you take new action different from your normal patterned responses. By taking novel action, you get further information about what is possible for you and the company, beyond your current comfort zone. 

This hunt for the domino is, of itself, a hugely valuable enquiry. It teaches you new things about your company and yourself, unearthing all sorts of possibilities as we do it.

This approach comes with distinct advantages over conventional coaching, training, and consulting methods.

Speed and efficiency – The domino hunt allows you to get all of the commercial opportunities and obstacles (including the ones in your head) quickly out into the open. From there, you can focus and prioritise, creating a powerful sequence of actions to build momentum. 

Permanent Transformation – Once the domino is knocked over, it cannot be undone. You create permanent and lasting transformation in the company and yourself. Things that felt impossible get done and, once the first bold move is made, others flow effortlessly afterwards.

Self-Momentum – Once the momentum is built and the dominoes are falling, you don’t need ongoing intervention from an outside agent. You’ll keep making decisions and acting in pursuit of your outcomes until such a point as you get stuck again. Then it might be time to reset the dominoes. 

So, as you sit here now, what do you think your first domino move is?


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