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Overcoming Impostor Syndrome

Do you find yourself continually questioning yourself, thinking everyone else in the room is that bit smarter and more capable than you?

You may be suffering from impostor syndrome

Impostor Syndrome could be holding you back in ways you aren’t even aware of, making simple stuff challenging and difficult stuff impossible. It’s costing you commercial results and damaging your sense of well-being.

It’s more common than you think (around 70% of the population experience impostor syndrome at some point).

In simple terms, impostor syndrome is a story that you have created about yourself.

The good news is this makes it something that can be dealt with for those ready to do the work.

overcoming imposter syndrome

And the return on effort is massive

Imagine having the capacity to show up fully as the best version of yourself, confident in what you do, confident with what you don't know, and ready to engage with whatever is going on in the company.

The challenge with impostor syndrome is that the things that create the experience and the behaviours it shapes are unique for each individual.

There is no one size fits all solution to impostor syndrome… It’s like picking a lock.

Only when the unique combination of new understandings, fresh thinking, action and reflection come together that you unearth the resilient, competent and confident you.

The YOU that was there all the time.

I’ve worked with a range of business owners, directors and executives who have suffered from an underlying lack of self-belief and the confidence to take risks and make bold moves.

Some have taken on family businesses with inter-generational pressure, while others have acquired companies or grown them from scratch. In the corporate world, I’ve worked with Senior Executives who feel over-promoted or out of their depth.

They all have one thing in common. An overwhelming sense of not being clever enough, capable enough, or that there is something they are supposed to know that they don’t.

Impostor Syndrome Side-effects

Once we do the work, my clients believe in their abilities and capabilities much more. Not arrogant and cocky, but grounded, self-assured and comfortable with what they do and what they don’t know.


This seemingly innocuous statement from a business owner client, meant everything to him. He had spent years running a multi-million-pound company that his father started and had always felt incapable.

Now, he is confident that the way he runs the company is as good as it can be and that even when he calls things wrong, that isn’t a failing.

Operating at that level means he can finally enjoy his MD role and, more importantly, develop the business in ways his father couldn’t have envisioned. 

“You made me realise I know what I am doing.”

When you work with me, we tackle these challenges head-on. My coaching is a unique blend of working on you, whilst focussing on driving the company forward. That’s because confidence and self-belief come from a mix of three things.

I’ll ask you the difficult questions that help you see yourself for the person you are and get you past whatever stops you from taking action.

Then, we’ll reflect on what is changing in the company and you so that you can track the transformation of your results and well-being.

At the end of our time together, you’ll wonder how you ever thought of yourself as less than the authentically powerful leader you are.

What Next?

If you feel that you are being held back by a feeling of impostor syndrome, why not get in touch? We can have a chat, discuss the issues, and look at developing a road-map of overcoming this problem holding you back.

How good would that feel and how much more could you achieve? 


If you’d like to start a conversation, why not get in touch?