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Memo 004 – Better Humans For Better Business

Memo 004 – Better Humans For Better Business

David A Gammon, Sixth Sense

Wednesday 21st December 2022


My mission is to help as many people responsible for results as possible step fully into commercial leadership. I help them to get more from themselves, show up confidently, take responsibility, inspire, influence, collaborate, make big decisions, and act powerfully.

In so doing, they create a brilliant customer experience, deliver exciting bottom-line growth and find meaning and excitement in their work.

I deliver this through coaching, producing engaging content, giving powerful talks and facilitating essential conversations. However, a paradox exists at the heart of any commercial decision or action:

‘Our primary concern as humans is safety, so we view anything uncertain as potentially dangerous. The paradox being that there is no certainty in business or life, only probability based on previous experience, knowledge and the feedback we receive in the moment from the actions we take.
The only certainty we have is that if we do, or change, nothing, then nothing will change for us, but the system will continue to evolve around us.’

Dave Gammon / Darran Hughes

Partnering with me is a commitment to confront and move past this paradox. We achieve this by discovering who we are, what we truly want and what we need to do (and stop doing) to create it.

So, I invite you to operate from a set of unshakeable truths. These are the values that I live and breathe.

Be ResponsABLE – We are at our best when we take personal ownership of our behaviour, communications, decisions and actions. Focusing relentlessly on what is within our control and influence puts us in the strongest position to create what we want.

Pragmatic Action – We should take the most direct action to move to where we want to be, not necessarily the easiest or most comfortable. These actions are the highest priority, most fit for purpose, and they make commercial sense. We call this clean action taking. The price of clean action is deep thinking, rigorous debate and the recognition of the ever-present possibility that we are wrong.

Absolute Honesty – Lying to ourselves and others inflicts damage on everyone. We can make confident decisions and actions when we tell the truth (no matter how uncomfortable) and choose our words with care and precision.

Establish Meaning – We overcome resistance to action by creating positive tension between our current and desired positions. Tension arises when we find sufficient meaning such that we become willing to shoulder the burden of responsibility for the attitude and performance of ourselves and others.

Recognise Humanity – No one is cleverer or better than anyone. We are all engaged in the same struggle, doing our best to achieve our outcomes with the self-awareness, situational perspective, tools, connections and capacity for action that we have.

When we treat everyone as though this were true and challenge them to live up to their best, we can achieve powerful outcomes for the company, customers and ourselves.

Dave Gammon Leadership Coach
MEMO 4: Better humans for better business


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