A conversation with Dave
What people say
“Working with Dave is enjoyable for all personality types: if you’re uncomfortable discussing your own reflections on the work, Dave will find ways of unlocking ideas for you anyway, but if you engage with the material on an intellectual level – as I did – David rewards this with an enhanced experience that delivers whole new areas of potential.” 

Andy Gibson BEng (Hons): 
Timber Frame Operations Manager: Merronbrook Ltd
"Max started Dave’s Leadership program as a fully capable Studio Technician, but lacked confidence as a Manager, seeking advice and support from me in many aspects of managing his team. After the group sessions and one-to-one reviews with Dave, he emerged as a confident and effective Manager. Dave gave Max the tools in order to identify what he needed to do to fulfil his role as a manager, and also inspired self-confidence in order to make decisions about everything from resource planning to recruitment, and also being able to have those difficult conversations. I’m extremely proud of what Max has achieved and really appreciate Dave’s help in getting him there”

Estelle Simmons: Operations Director
Premier CX Ltd

Share your leadership opportunities and challenges with us and we'll help you plot the right course forward 
Our SME tailored Leadership experiences are powerful, transformative and we offer them in a change of affordable options. In this conversation you can tell us what the outcomes you hope for are and we'll help you find the right solution for your company whether you are looking for support for yourself, your directors or managers.  
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