A range of three programs delivering fast, inspiring and lasting development for leaders in the SME world

How do you enable yourself and your management team to step up to the plate and show up with confidence, resilience and commitment, in uncertain and turbulent times for small businesses?

Whether we are talking about the owner, director, manager or supervisor, Business Leaders need to

  • Show confidence, resilience and pragmatic optimism in the face of uncertainty
  • Reset expectations, targets and deadlines and then engage and drive performance from their teams
  • Think cross-functionally, contribute to the ‘whole company’ discussion and be commercially aware when making decisions

Leveraged Leader is a simple, powerful development journey for SME Managers and Directors which enables them to

  • Step-up, take ownership and lead with authority and confidence.
  • Keep driving forward in turbulent times, taking responsibility for the performance of themselves and others.
  • Collaborate with, inspire and influence the other people essential to the success of the company.
  • Make well-formed commercial decisions and adapt to the fast pace and fluid nature of small business.

The Leverage Leadership CORE program runs over six months in a small group (no more than nine in an intake). Participants develop self-awareness, commercial acuity, and the capability to lead confidently through a combination of live online training, group coaching, online content, and personal support.

The Leveraged Leadership CORE / 1-1 program – In addition to all the elements in the core program, this program includes 1-1 sessions and closer support. This enables participants to work through implementation barriers and deal with specific business challenges. Both programs are suitable for all levels of management

Personal Leadership Coaching and Development- Over six to twelve months, participants work closely with Dave 1-1 to develop their leadership style and drive powerful commercial results. The nature of this program means it is only suited to Business Owners, Directors and Senior Managers.

Options Group training and coaching 1-1 sessions  Support Price (exc. VAT)
Core Leadership 20 hours N/A Forum £1,495
Core with 1-1 coaching 20 hours 6 X 45min Email £3,495
Personal 1-1 Leadership Coaching (3-12 months) 4 half-day (optional) 1/2 day kick- off
12 hrs 1-1
Speed dial £POA

After the program, participants:

Understand what makes you ‘show up/ the way you do, how it affects everyone’s performance and how to change it

Make fast but well-formed commercial decisions that are right for the company and collaborate cross-functionally

Understand and embrace the opportunities that new technologies and ways of working are creating

Inspire, motivate and drive performance from others in the company so that everyone is committed, focussed and on-board

Respond to opportunities and challenges quickly with well-structured problem solving, planning and decision making

Leveraged Leader details

  • A full outline of the Leveraged Leader journey
  • The ten things every Leader needs to be and do
  • How you can expect to experience your role after Leveraged Leader


If you want the same old Leadership ideas you can read in books then Leveraged Leader is not for you.

If you want something that takes on the challenges and insecurities that everyone in the SME world is dealing with, head-on, this is it. The program deals with the real world. It’s practical, open and honest. It enabled me to change without even realising I had. Ever since I’ve felt able to deal with whatever is thrown at me,

Leveraged Leader helped me make changes in my approach, unlocked potential I didn’t know I had and helped me step up fully into my Leadership role. This has helped me navigate the company through the turbulence of the pandemic.

Andy Appleby

Business Operations Director:

He-Man Dual Controls Ltd

Working with Dave is enjoyable for all personality types; if you’re uncomfortable discussing your own reflections on the work, Dave will find ways of unlocking ideas for you anyway, but if you engage on an intellectual level – as I did – Dave rewards this with an enhanced experience that delivers whole new areas of potential.

Andy Gibson BEng (Hons)

Timber Frame Operations Manager:

Merronbrook Ltd

Who is Leveraged Leader for?

The Leveraged Leadership program is for anyone in a position of responsibility for results and the work of others.

They may be highly experienced or entirely new to the world of Management and Leadership. 

We’ve had Studio Managers, Operations Managers, Floor Managers, Buyers, Sales Directors, Managing Directors, Creative Heads, Retail Managers and even Business Owners on the program.

I know how hard it can be trying to lead and manage in small businesses. I originally designed Leveraged Leader to develop the management teams in my coaching clients small businesses.

I could see they were struggling and often lacked the confidence, resilience and commercial awareness to cope in such a fast-moving and resource-constrained environment.

The Leveraged Leader is a framework that enables people to actively thrive in amongst the chaos. It proved so popular that the many owners I work with decided to go through this journey as well.

“I’m so convinced that the design and delivery of these programs will transform you and your Business Leaders that I offer a money back guarantee if after completing all elements of the program, you are not satisfied with the outcomes delivered for you, or your team”

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