Dave Gammon
Sixth Sense Business, Founder
Growing Business Leaders and their brilliant companies for over a decade. 
About Dave and Sixth Sense Business
Sixth Sense Business exists to help people at all levels of business stretch to their full reach and achieve levels of performance and results, beyond their current line of sight.  

He started his career as a Clerical Assistant and ended up as Director of Financial Operations at Orange, the Mobile Phone Operator. 

He worked in management and director level positions in seven household name companies (Tesco, Selfridges, Diageo, Orange, Energis, British Gas and Ernst and Young) spanning five sectors. 

He spent twenty years working in, and running Corporate Audit teams, offering him a unique breadth and depth of how businesses work. 

He has led teams of all shapes and sizes from small groups of professionals to a team of over 650 Operations employees. He left school at sixteen and climbed the ladder from 'Tea boy to Director'.
Dave has spent the last ten years working with small and medium businesses, initially as a Business Coach with ActionCOACH. In the last five years he has been immersed in understanding the psychology of performance and developing simple, but highly effective, tailored performance tools for people in leadership positions in small businesses.
If you spend some time with Dave you can expect to be challenged, have some laughs and to leave with a sense of excitement and possibility for whatever may come next for you.

If you want to understand a little about where  I draw my line in the sand with the way I choose to work then this short video or access my blog 'Why you THINK you need a Business Coach' will take you through some very different perspectives on business building or read . 
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