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Guiding Chaos - Taking control of your SME and demonstrating powerful leadership through Commercially Turbulent times 

Are you running a well established SME with an emerging or established management team? 

Do you have question marks about the skills, knowledge, capability or desire of your management team to help you drive the company forward?
About five years ago, at the request of some of my clients, I began to run Leadership Development programs for the Managers in my small business clients. There were two reasons I took up this challenge

Owner Overload. 
Owner Directors sit at the centre of the pinwheel of their company. Every idea, decision, action and penny of expenditure gets directed through them. This is fine up to a level where it begins to inhibit growth and also trap the owner in the detail of running their company. At this point they promote or recruit people into Management / Director positions to alleviate their workload and hopefully to provide some additional brain power to focus on taking the business forward. In other words, the continued development of the company is dependent on the success of these people.
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Small businesses can present some real challenges for anyone in a management position. It can be unstructured (sometimes chaotic), endlessly busy, in a constant state of change and motion. This type of environment requires a rare blend of resilience, commitment and confidence; not least when you have the owner (who has an un-matchable level of passion and motivation for making the business work) looking over your shoulder.   

Support, development and training for these individuals is limited either by a lack of time, the owners own leadership style and/or a reluctance to invest in training people that might leave.   

When these individuals inevitably struggle to deliver on some, or all, of the expectations placed on them the owners either accept this self-imposed growth limitation, and contain their ambitions accordingly, or begin to believe that the only way forward is to recruit bigger 'hitters' from outside the company (a strategy which also has huge perceived risks in the mind of the owner and, in my experience, fails more often than it works)

Yet, here is the plain truth.

'Everyone is able to make the LEAP OF THINKING required to step up to a Leadership level.'

That is not to say everyone will want to, but everyone could. All they have to do is understand and embody a few simple ideas both about themselves, others and the world of business. 

Even if they don't make the ultimate leap to become the 'ultimate fantasy' Commercial Leader you think you need to drive the company forward, their performance can be elevated way beyond its current position. 

In the short, but informative online briefing, I'll take you through the four pillars of Small Business leadership that can help anyone access high performance.
"Dave REALLY listens; he opens up new angles; he humanises any matter; he gives unexpected and wonderfully apposite, simple advice – drawn from his vast experience and holistic understanding of it; he takes into account the people involved and where they’re at now; he speaks to me on a level and he’s funny. I get so much out of every session or conversation with Dave."
Lulu Crossthwaite-Eyre
Managing Director, Cygnus Instruments Ltd
The Five Gaps

When I was designing the content for what ultimately became the 'Leveraged Leadership program' I started with the obvious question: how should a great Small Business Manager / Director show up and what would they do? I interviewed some of my clients (and members of their teams) to find out what the current performance gaps were. The five elements of performance that consistently came up in conversation were:

People Performance
Influencing, inspiring and organising the team to deliver great levels of customer service and high quality standards without blowing up the margin

Transaction to Trend
Elevating themselves above individual transactions (the hamster wheel as I often refer to it) and getting things under control so that the owner has confidence that no key balls will be dropped

Taking responsibility for making the decisions within their pay grade, without referring upwards, and ownership of their successes and their cock ups. 

Commercial Acumen
'Big picture' thinking so they can contribute to discussions on future strategy (overcoming the curse of the silent management team meeting) and take well balanced commercial decisions in the interest of the overall company, even if that meant overcoming personal or functional bias 

Following through on the actions and commitments they make and driving changes through, that actually stick 

Everyone has the ability to do these things but many simply don't use them. In fact all most people have to do is - 'Get out of their own way'

The toolkit I have developed over a decade of working with SME's help them do just this. I call it the Four Pillars of SME leadership

The four pillars of Small Business Leadership, when understood AND embodied, enable your managers to 

- inspire and influence their teams to deliver high levels of performance
- get a grip of the operations and elements of the company they are responsible for
- solve problems and seek out opportunities for growth and improvement
- organise themselves to get the important stuff done 
- contribute to the development and delivery of the company strategy
- access high levels of confidence and resilience so that they can show up at their best, no matter what is happening in the company

You can get an overview of the four pillars in this short video....., 

"Working with Dave is enjoyable for all personality types: if you're uncomfortable discussing your own reflections on the work, Dave will find ways of unlocking ideas for you anyway. But, if you engage with the material on an intellectual level, - as I did - Dave rewards this with an enhanced experience that delivers whole new areas of potential." 
Andy Gibson
Timber Frame Operations Manager, Merronbrook Ltd

How to 'show up' and organise yourself in ways that gives you the confidence, resilience and commitment to reach the outcomes you want, no matter what challenges present themselves to you. In this webinar you'll learn where your optimum performance comes from and how to set up to make motivation effortless 

Commercial Acuity
Understanding how the market place, customers, commercial economics and the company structure all play a role in every decision and action the company takes. You'll learn how a simple model can lead to more well-rounded commercial decision making by your team.  
Initiating and building purposeful relationships is one of the most important, yet overlooked aspects of leadership performance.In the webinar we'll explore some of the principles that underpin influence, persuasion and motivation of others. 
Clean Action
Leaders have to create motivation to make decisions and take intense action, in the face of uncertainty and resistance, in order to achieve commercial outcomes.Clean Action is a simple model for planning, problem solving and decision making that every leader can use to create action. 
Dave Gammon
Chief Transformer

Sixth Sense Business helps Business Leaders develop the resilience, confidence and capabilities they need to evolve, adapt and grow SME's.

After a varied and successful corporate career, in which he rose from Tea-Boy to Director, Dave has spent over a decade supporting the Leaders of high growth Small and Medium sized businesses.

Dave combines a breadth and depth of commercial experience with an in-depth understanding of Leadership in the commercial context.

He is straightforward, to the point and occasionally funny, in pursuit of driving his clients to perform at their best.

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