Leadership Development and Business Coaching for established, Small and Medium Businesses.
No-nonsense, leadership and commercial transformation
for SME Owners, Directors and Key Decision Makers
"Focussing on your Leadership Teams performance is the fastest way to grow your business and create the results you want"  
We develop and transform the the Owners, Directors and Key Decision Makers of Small Businesses.

The Owners of the companies I work with want to spend less time on ‘hamster wheel’ problems and more time schmoozing clients, looking for the next big move and doing more of the stuff they enjoy and bring the most value to. 

In order for this to happen they need to delegate more confidently so they can free up time. 

This means setting things up so their managers take more ownership, lead their people, work as a team and think more commercially.

They get that their business will only grow, and develop, in line with the quality and skill of its Leadership team.

The leadership in your business need to innovate great ideas, take high quality decisions and rock solid action, in the face of the continually shifting sands of the marketplace. 

So how do you transform the performance of these key people?  

What does this look like in real life?
What if your leadership team (and you for that matter) were able to move beyond the rules, boundaries and limits of what feels safe and normal for them ? 

What has to change so that they are able to  

- have ideas that help the business grow rather than just turning the hamster wheel   
- make commercially rounded decisions that take the big picture into account
- become the agents of lasting change in the business
- manage the people to get the best out of them (including the difficult conversations)
- work cross functionally with the fellow Directors and Managers
- give you the confidence that they put the company interest at the heart of decisions 

What would this do for the development of the company, and for your sanity?

The good news is that there are just four simple elements to becoming a confident, resilient high performing Business leader. Click on the button below to access the invaluable guide to cutting past the B.S. and creating real transformation in the way your Leaders show up and their performance
Discover the four levers in the free mini-book 'The Leader in You'. 
The program I recently completed with Dave gave me a great opportunity to interact with others that want to improve their approach to business. Just having time to talk, understand and discuss has been very valuable in my own development towards business and life in general. Dave is right there with you, challenging your thought processes, bringing enlightenment to your approach and sharing his hands-on experience of business, large and small.
Since I have been involved with Dave my businesses have grown from five people producing a turnover of £700k to forty-five people and £6m. Dave played an important role in helping me get there and keeping me on the right trajectory. 

Gary Livingstone: Managing Director: L.G.Motion Ltd, Minitec Ltd and Precision Acoustics Ltd

"Dave REALLY listens; he opens up new angles; he humanises any matter; he gives unexpected and wonderfully apposite, simple advice – drawn from his vast experience and holistic understanding of it; he takes into account the people involved and where they’re at now; he speaks to me on a level and he’s funny. I get so much out of every session or conversation with Dave. Lulu Crossthwaite-Eyre: Managing Director: Cygnus Intruments Ltd

“Like many small Business owners, I found I was trying to do too much and working too hard. I was not getting to where I wanted to be and could not decipher how to do this. I was invited to a working breakfast organised by Beaufort Financial and listened to a presentation from Dave Gammon.
Dave's presentation was a revelation. We met shortly after and I engaged him to help me. Dave has a vast experience across a range of industries , his enthusiasm is limitless and he talks plain common sense. Within a very short space of time we formulated and implemented a plan to share the load and free me up. Initial results for the business and staff have been impressive and I am much happier. 
Peter Nisbet: Managing Director: Windwave Ltd

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