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What if you could create a whole new experience of running your company, breaking out of the patterns of results and behaviour that have kept the company where it is?

Imagine having a plan of action that you and your leadership team were inspired by, and committed to execute, even in the face of uncertainty and chaos?

The Business Breakthrough Blueprint does just that.

  • It is An inspiring 3-9 month (we go as fast or as slow as you want) transformation journey that moves your company forward in exciting new ways.
  • It embraces the new markets, channels and opportunities waiting out there.
  • Harnesses the power of you and your management team to identify and execute the breakthroughs needed.
  • Understand where the real focus needs to be to drive future value and performance.
  • Create a compelling vision and an executable plan that everyone can get behind.
  • Enables you, the owner, to re-define your relationship with the company and choose how you engage with it.
  • Achieves what would normally take years of Business Coaching and Development in a fraction of the time

Get clarity of what you actually want and remove any barriers and obstacles that have stopped you thus far.

Understand the markets you serve and what forces are changing your relationship with them

See your company through the eyes of a customer so you can spot the opportunities to add value, retain business and create advocacy

Create a structure (people, systems, assets and data) that is efficient, high performing and able to adapt quickly to changing circumstances

Identify and deliver a set of financial outcomes that enable you to keep moving forward with security and confidence

Get your Management team aligned, inspired and collaborating together to bring the blueprint to life

Business Blueprint route map

  • A simple two page route map for the Business Breakthrough Blueprint


Dave REALLY listens; he opens up new angles; he humanises any matter; he gives unexpected and wonderfully apposite, simple advice – drawn from his vast experience and holistic understanding of it; he takes into account the people involved and where they’re at now; he speaks to me on a level, and he’s funny. I get so much out of every session or conversation with Dave.

Lulu Crossthwaite-Eyre

Managing Director:

Cygnus Instruments Ltd

Just having time to talk, understand and discuss has been very valuable in my own development towards business and life in general. Dave is right there with you, challenging your thought processes, bringing enlightenment to your approach and sharing his hands-on experience of business, large and small. In the eight years, I have been involved with Dave, my businesses have grown from five people producing a turnover of £700k to forty-five people and £6m. Dave played an essential role in helping me get there and keeping me on the right trajectory.

Gary Livingstone

Managing Director:

L.G.Motion Ltd, Minitec Ltd and Precision

Who is the Business Breakthrough Blueprint for?

This framework is designed for Owner, CEO’s or MD’s of established small to medium-sized business.

You’re looking for a transformational breakthrough in the results your company gets and/or your experience of leading it. You are tired of feeling like the company is standing still and doesn’t seem to be making progress at the pace it could.

Your company is turning over between £2-100m, and you’ll have either a fully formed or emerging leadership team supporting you.

Each engagement is completely tailored to your outcomes, preferences and the context of your company now.

The Business Breakthrough Blueprint is designed to give small companies just what they need. It is not a quick fix, but it’s not a protracted intervention. We do the detailed work that enables a simple action blueprint to emerge. A plan that your leadership team can align around and be inspired to execute. The whole process is exciting, inspiring and transformational, for the company and the leaders in it.

To discover the right approach for your company, book a 45-minute call with Dave. We’ll go through where you are now, where you aspire to be and what needs to happen to get moving fast.

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