Intuition – transformational environment.

Businesses don’t double in size, profits don’t exponentially grow, teams don’t magically start performing, and owners don’t experience massive shifts in their sense of wellbeing and confidence due to new tactics, being coached, reading books, or attending seminars....

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The game of business.

The purpose of this piece is to get us thinking differently about our companies and to access new perspectives by looking at what management consultants often refer to as the ‘helicopter view’. You can only achieve a change in the outcomes you get and your experiences...

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Intuition and Logic – Flying Planes

When in a state of panic, it’s reassuring to hear a calm yet firm, guiding voice. In this case, it was the instructor who sat to my right in the cockpit. "Stop listening to your head and read the instruments". A typical light aircraft 'dashboard'. I was flying a light...

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